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Develop Only (No Scans)

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B&W Or Colour
Negative Collection

Selecting this option means you'll receive no digital images. You'll be scanning your own film in to produce photos!


If you’d like your negatives developed, but want to take care of the scanning side of things yourself!

All C-41 film is processed through our Noritsu V30.

B&W is carefully processed in Kodak D76 developer.

Your negatives can then be either sleeved into strips of four or kept complete as a whole, un-cut roll and can be either picked up from the lab or posted.

Scan Sizes

We offer two different scan sizes.

STANDARD JPEGS - 3024X2005 @ 96PPI. Roughly 7mb per image. Our customer favourite. Perfect for online use, and more than capable of being printed up to A4 in size.

SUPER HI-RES TIFFS - 3024X2005 @ 96PPI. Roughly 35mb per image. Fantastic for making exceptionally high-quality images for archiving or large printing.


You can choose when you place an order whether or not you'd like your negatives sleeved or not. If you'd like them sleeved, they'll be carefully cut and sleeved into strips of four frames in our vintage Crown automatic sleever and can then either be picked up from the lab or sent back to you in the mail.

We store negatives at the lab for typically 2-3 months before giving customers a chance to collect them before they're discarded.

+$2 per roll for sleeving and pick up.

+$12 per roll for sleeving and sent in the post. This includes a tracking number


We offer the option of having your film photos printed as well as scanned! We use an incredible Dye-sublimation printer capable of printing your whole roll out in beautiful, gloss 6x4 postcard prints in a matter of minutes!

Your prints will be sent with your negatives if you choose to have your negatives sent back to you!

+$15 per roll