The Focus Pocus Photo Studio is now open!

Have your portrait taken on film!

One hour shoot, one roll of film - timeless memories and precious moments captured on genuine analogue magic.

Limited edition event!


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What it's all about..

There's something real special about having your photograph taken on film.

An undeniable magic seems to get captured, and all the more so when the photos are in a bespoke studio, shot on high quality cameras and glass, and processed by our oh-so-talented team of lab tech's-come-photographers.

We thought we'd open our studio doors for one big day of shoots!

Here's a chance for any and all to come and have their picture taken. Grab your friends, grab your partner, don your favourite outfit, bring your dog, you do you, baby!

How it all works..

We'll be opening our studio doors for one special day!

Sessions will last an hour.

We'll shoot one roll of Kodak Portra 400 in that session.

The cost of a session will be $200 - You'll receive 10-15 high-quality TIFF files of the best photos from the batch, 6x4 postcard sized prints of those photos, and your negatives for the roll too.

The cost of the session is the same, whether you turn up solo, with a partner, with a few friends, with a pet, your close family, a few partners, etc etc.

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What to expect!

We know it can be a little daunting and not always the most comfortable experience having your photo taken, so we've crafted the most carefree, fun and laid-back studio environment we can!

A certain essence to this series of studio shoots is a somewhat kitsch 1980's / 1970's era throwback - keeping things light and playful. Using a series of canvas-washed backdrops, dated lighting setups, and, naturally, the sparkle of film photography.

This sort of style really shines when complimented by real swell clothes, fun accessories and a good spirit! But turn up however you wish.

Anyone is welcome to book in for these shoots - you're glowing!

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These are limited edition events, and who knows how many Studio Sessions we'll do after this one! Get in while they're hot 😎

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