Taylor's been sending in her rolls for a few years now, and it's been a real treat to see her eye for photos sharpen, her passion for her subjects deepen and get a sense of who Taylor is roll by roll, almost a feeling of being invited to take a look into their life through the intimacy and personability of their frames.

We got the chance to ask Taylor a few questions about their photography and couldn't be more impressed by their thoughtfulness and reflections!

Heya Taylor! 

Thanks so much for taking part in our Member Feature! An honor to share your really wonderful  frames. I thought to start we could get straight into the nuts & bolts of your photography. Which camera are you typically using at the moment and what's been your favorite film stock lately?

Pleasure to be here! Sure, I can be a little geeky with this stuff but definitely still have lots to learn. My first filmy was a Contax G1, it died, and I brought another one straight up because I love it so much. My main trusty sidekick has been my Olympus OM10.  However, I recently purchased a Nikon F3 (stay broke right?) which is a little bulkier and more technical and I am still getting the feel for, but I am already sensing a new favorite! In terms of film, I tend to oscillate between Kodak Gold and Portra 400, depending on the occasion and what I can get my hands on.

Your photos have a great sense of intimacy and scale. Typically seeming to bounce between big wide vistas and landscapes, and right up to these amazing detail shots of flowers, slugs, things around your home and garden etc. I'm curious about your process of taking pictures. Are you generally going out to purposefully take photos, or are you carrying your camera around with you a lot and discovering things to photograph as you go?

I try to carry a camera with me wherever I go. I wouldn’t say that I purposely set out to take certain types of photos, it’s more of a if a moment happens, I’ll be prepared situation. I’d like to try and be a little more intentional with my photos though. I can lose myself a bit in my current process and therefore lack consistency. I am working on defining the things that I actually like to shoot and experience, then seeking them out.

 You photograph your friends and the people around you so well. Do you have any tips for photographers looking to document the people in their life? Are you directing your friends a lot or generally shooting as candidly as possible?

I’d say 90% of what I take is candid. I’ve recently done some shoots for friends where some directing was necessary and I was surprised at how awkward I felt! But as soon as you find your rhythm and get comfortable the subjects tend to mirror that energy. I think humor softens everything and if you can drop your guard and be playful with it the photos will naturally capture that sense of intimacy.

How did you get into film photography?

It actually came out of some pretty sad circumstances. It was around 2018, I took just over a year off work and study to care for my mum. I knew my last moments with her needed to be documented and I’d dabbled in photography on and off in the past. Growing up I’d spend hours flicking through mums old film photos and would instantly feel nostalgic for places I’d never been. So, the journey really began from there. I had also taken a hiatus from social media so a digital camera just didn’t seem necessary to me.


What's currently inspiring you creatively at the moment?

Honestly, at the risk of sounding cliché, just being outside in the simplicity of nature. I’m pretty blessed to be living in such a picturesque area and I think that’s what keeps me photographing. I recently took a trip to Europe over winter and although I enjoyed exploring completely new landscapes and cultures, I think what I’m truly drawn to photograph is the idiosyncratic and somewhat mundane joys of small-town Australia. Also, I’ve been getting pretty into gardening, having a direct interaction with nature is the most natural and inspiring act I’ve found yet!

Thanks so much for your time Taylor! Do you have any advice for someone who may just be getting into film photography?

I think we are constantly bombarded with insanely beautiful images from all over the world and that can be intimidating. I’d say look to your immediate environment and you’ll likely find beauty in places you might not have suspected.


Find more of Taylor's work on Instagram at @tayrosekemp

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