Millie (@35milliemeter) has been a frequent customer for a while now, always sending in incredible rolls full of rich colours, quiet ambience and deliberate compositions. I was lucky enough to be able to ask Millie a few questions! Highly recommend checking out her work.

Can you tell us a little bit about these images and what they're about? 

In the last year I left Perth, moved to Toodyay, renovated a stable with my family and turned it into a home and pottery studio that I now live in. These photos have been shot over the last year of living here and exploring Toodyay and surrounds. The buildings are older and life moves a whole lot slower, I like to think my photos reflect that. 

What camera and film stock have you been reaching for most recently? 

I usually just use my Canon AE1 Program, it was broken for a little while though so I spent some time experimenting with a Holga 120, an expired disposable camera and a few cameras I found in a tip shop. As for film stock, I've always liked and predominantly used Kodak Gold 200, but I'm always down to give anything a go, at the moment I'm trying a roll of the new Cinestill 400D, I'm very excited to see how the photos turn out. 

What are you looking for when trying to make a photograph you're happy with?

I like hazy, dreamy photos that have something reminiscent about them - I grew up in Merredin in WA's wheatbelt and a lot of the photos I take tend to be of places that are a little outdated and isolated, a bit like places I grew up around.

Any advice for a beginner film photographer trying to take their first few snaps? 

There are still plenty of things I don't know how to do and I've made plenty of mistakes, so I'd probably say just have a go and be open to making mistakes, I think everyone says that though haha. Looking at a lot of photos and watching a lot of movies is important too, it helps you recognise what you like to see. 

Any art/media you'd like to recommend that you've been enjoying lately? 

I really love photo books and zines, I like having something tangible to look at, I like seeing how people design them and pair images together. My favourite photo book is Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore, his photographs have inspired me a lot, I've also recently picked up Willem Verbeeck's On The Sunny Side of the Street which is great. I've got a few zines by local photographers, I love seeing what other people are shooting and how they're presenting their work. 
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