Maria's photos evoke a huge range of senses and feelings. I find myself constantly in awe of her eye for detail, and her work manages to be deeply personal and autobiographical while simultaneously about discovery and the world around her. Gentle scenes of wildflowers and dappled sunlight mix with soft skin and glowing silhouettes, often all at once through her fantastic explorations into double exposures.



MariaTo get things started, do you want to say a little about yourself? :)

I'm Maria. I’m from Chile and have been living in Australia for 6+ years. I graduated with a BA of fine arts with a major in painting


What was your journey into film photography?

I started shooting film when I was about 11, I took up digital and reconnected with film throughout my studies. Photography was beautiful accident, I went to study painting and found a lifelong love instead. I bought my mate’s camera, a Canon EOS500n from the late 90’s, and I haven’t looked back since. 


I feel like you’re able to shoot pretty much anything super comfortably -  nature photos, travel snaps, self-portraits, and of course incredible double-exposures. What are you looking for when making an image? What’s your process when you’ve got a camera in hand and want to shoot some frames?

Photography for me has always been something very personal and I only started sharing it publicly about a year ago.
Photography has not only been a creative medium, but has also been a big tool for my healing journey.
When I’m shooting I immortalise a feeling, a moment, simpleness. I like to play with contrast, colours, textures and create alternate realities through multiple exposures.
In a world that is often chaotic and overwhelming I like to remind myself of those little things that make life such a joyful journey. 

What ideas do you hope your photographs communicate?

This is what i hope these images communicate: serenity, peacefulness and curiosity. I question, if you create a story in your head, what do you see in a double or triple exposure? Do you allow your mind to be playful? Maybe you need to see things from a different perspective? In life so as in art.


Do you have any advice for someone looking to make their first double exposure photo?

If anyone is curious about shooting multiple exposures id just say go for it! Part of being a creative is taking chances and experimenting. Get out of your comfort zone and try something different. It’s always a bit of a hit and miss but such is life, its a part of the process. 


Has anything in particular been inspiring you recently?

I think for me, life in general, the things my close friends, family and I are going through in our own healing journeys have always and will continue to be my main form of inspiration. 


Do you have a photographer who’s work you’ve been enjoying a lot recently?

Recently my beautiful housemate and photographer Nina had an exhibition and her work reminded me about how much I enjoy to work with the human body and be playful with it (as I used to do in uni 10+years ago). It felt so good to slowly get in touch with that intimate side of myself again. 
Ive been following Monica Munoz @mydaysinanalog for a while now, a Chilean film and wedding photographer. Her work has always been something I admire for the way it is fun, intimate, and so beautifully framed. 

Thanks Maria! xoxo


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