Josh has an immaculate sense of lighting, composition and clarity in his photographs. Each photo is perfectly bathed in sunshine, salt water and a good atmosphere, and he seems to drift seamlessly from personal work to client work, shooting the things around him he knows best - his friends, his passions, his cars, his partner. The pay off is a wonderful sense of sincerity; he lives the life he shoots. Combine that with a sharp technical prowess, and he ends up with consistent gems after gems.

I was lucky enough to ask Josh a few questions about his photography and feature some of his many incredible photos.


To kick things off, what draws you to shooting film?

I love the look I get straight out of the camera. Impossible to replicate properly with a digital camera and a preset packs, no matter what they say on Youtube. I also love the satisfaction of a photo coming out exactly how I imagined it after having to work that bit harder in-camera.


Can you tell us a little bit about your journey into photography and what led to you doing this full time?

I used to buy old film cameras off eBay when I was in middle school and just learnt from trial and error and Youtube. This online surf mag called WhatYouth used to publish a lot of film photography. I loved their look and tried to replicate that.

Down the track I tried uni and it wasn't for me so took some time off to travel and started getting leads for paid gigs from the photos I was posting on the gram. Just ran with it after that.

Your work is thematically very consistent; the ocean, surf, friends, vintage cars and sunshine are ever-present in most of your shots whether for personal work or brands. Do you think it’s important and / or helpful to have a niche and ‘be known’ for a certain style and aesthetic?

The more time I spend shooting the stuff that appeals to me the more work I seem to get and the happier I am as an artist. Sometimes I'll take on work outside my niche if it pays well, because to me that's the reality of a career in the arts. I don't think there's anything wrong with that as long as I give the majority my focus on the work I want to be shooting.


Not all that photography related, but what would be your perfect vehicle setup?! In the time I’ve been processing your work you’ve gotten through a few different cars and they feature a lot in your snaps. What’d be your absolute dream car?

I'm in the process of selling the 80 series Landcruiser I drove around Australia in during 2022. It's the perfect car; reliable, comfortable and classic in appearance but I've always wanted a 60 series. I'll be on the lookout for a really stock white 60 series with a 12ht engine. I'll put draws and a bed in the back for weekend camping missions and leave the rest of the car stock as possible. Less is more. I'd also love a VW 1600 station wagon but I think I'll save that project for later in life.

Any advice for photographers looking to begin transitioning from shooting personal work and getting into shooting for brands and clients?

Cold email your pitch deck to your dream clients. Overdeliver but don't work for free. Network as much as possible. Don't stop shooting personal work.


Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, Josh! Who’s a photographer who’s been inspiring you recently that you’d recommend folks check out? :))

@portra_papi , @john_hook , @remybernhardt and everyone's favourite @cameron_hammond


Find Josh:: @joshevans6161 or



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