We gave our wonderful friends at Best Wishes the film labs' point and shoot and a roll of film and let them fill up the roll over the last few months.

We're super lucky to be only a stones throw from Besties, and it's our go to at the lab whenever we need our caffeine fix. Incredible coffee and food, lovely staff, cosy atmosphere; it's a staple in town and for very good reason!

We asked Jackson, the owner, to describe what Best Wishes is all about, to which he eloquently responded - 

"Best Wishes is a coffee shop and a space for all the things we want to see more of in Fremantle - coffee, community and culture.

For us, the magic of hospitality is hidden in the minutiae - keep it simple and attentive and well considered, but be an experience and not just a product.

Coffee can be found anywhere, community can’t. Besties‘s Fremantle."

Big thanks to the crew at Best Wishes for being part of our In Focus series!


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