• The Lab

    All film processing occurs in-store at the Focus Pocus lab. This space is in the centre of Walyalup / Fremantle and the doors are open for walk-ins any time between 11-4, Wed-Sat.

    A drop box is fixed to the gate so you can also drop your rolls off outside of hours anytime you please too!

  • The Technicians

    There's a small roster of staff working away on your film at Focus Pocus, and all of them are passionate and experienced film photographers with a keen eye for detail and an immense desire to keep developing perfect rolls of film for the local community!

  • The Machines

    A big drawcard for shooting film is the tangible, hands-on approach to making photographs that it provides. This doesn't stop with the shooting! Processing film requires extraordinary care and detail and at Focus Pocus we've acquired some of the most accurate and well regarded machines to produce those perfect scans every time.

The Processor.

We use a fully refurbished, immaculate quality Noritsu QSF-T15 processor for all your 35mm colour film. This is an absolute powerhouse that can develop a roll of film and dry it in less than ten minutes.

The Scanner.

We use a state of the art Noritsu S-600 film scanner to scan all B&W, colour and slide 35mm film.

This is calibrated daily and fine-tuned regularly to ensure the sharpest scans possible.

  • Prints

    We can print your rolls! We print on beautiful, gloss 6x4 postcard sized prints through our fantastic DNP DS40 dye-sublimation printer.

    The quality of these prints is suberb and you can choose whether you want prints as well as your scans when you place an order.

  • Negative Storage

    Negatives are cut and sleeved in our vintage Crown sleever from the 1970's. This slices your film in strips of four and archives them in durable, long-lasting plastic sleeving. You can choose whether you want your negatives stored or discarded when you place and order.

  • Storage

    Prints and Negatives are either stored in the lab or sent out via the post. You can choose which you'd prefer as you place an order. Prints & Negatives that are stored in-house typically get stored for 2-3 months before being discarded.